Track8 - Track and Trace solutions

Track8 is a Belgian company offering various plans for tracing your assets (containers, vehicles...). For individuals we provide our dashboard as a software with a free plan, with up to 5 minutes real time position updates and reporting. Out paid plans offer up to 10 seconds updates and 2 years history of any assets as well as 24/7 support and integrations with your existing solutions.

Simple overview of all your vehicles

Track8 provides a complete overview of all your assets on 1 page with the current status. No need to consult different pages to get an up to date view on your vehicles.

Detailed reports

All reports can be generated on the fly. No need to wait for any reports! We will instantly provide you the info you want. Reports can be sent automatically be email and exported in various formats to prevent vendor lock-in.

Live map

Track8 provides a real-time map with all your vehicles that automatically updates every minute and easily shows any vehicle that moved or needs attention.

Track and Trace

You assets are being tracked in real-time, we even provide plans with up to 10 seconds updates. Our free plan provide updates every 5 minutes.

Time registration

We support various iButton readers and RFID solutions to identify drivers. Vehicle immobilisation can be linked to these keys as well. Trip/Stop/Speeding reports can be generated and even linked to your systems.


We currently offer 3 reports. Trip reports show the trips between 2 stops. Stop reports show the time spent at a certain location. And speeding reports can give you an idea how much your drivers are speeding. A CO2 report is planned in the near future.

I/O registration

Our blackboxes offer up to 5 I/O ports. We can continuously monitor any digital or analogue value like temperatures or battery voltages.


Our dashboard or mobile application (which will be released at the end of 2016) will give you the possibility to directly communicate with the drivers via a connected Garmin. We can even automate a complete planning and perform route optimisation to be more cost effective.


We are currently working on an API which you can use to integrate Track8 in your systems. Stay tuned for the next updates of Track8 in the coming months.